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37th National Conference on H-O Research

37th National Conference on H-O Research

~"H-O food" that learns naturally and enhances quality by snuggling up to nature~

We attended the 37th National Conference on H-O Research co-sponsored by the H-O Association and the H-O Society.

  • Date / time: Opening at 13:30 on Nov.18, 2021
  • Place: Yonago Convention Center, Yonago City, Japan

Mr. Akihiko Yamane, Chairman of the Board, who promotes the event as a coordinator.

Special Lecture / Abstract of Lecture

Efforts in Kuma Village, Kumamoto pref. – Aiming to revive with pears and pigs
Mr. Homare Oiwa, Agriculture and Forestry Section, Industrial Promotion Division, Kuma Village Hall

H-O basic lecture
Akihiko Yamane, Coordinator

[Case study] Utilizing H-O technology to create a sustainable society
Taku Kobayashi, Asahi Mentex Corporation

[Academic presentation] Effect of aging method on free amino acid composition of beef
Mr. Yoshinori Nakamura, Kyushu Okinawa Agricultural Research Center, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization

[Case study] Daisen H-O Food Making Association rooted in the Tottori region
Mr. Hirotoshi Wada, a society for making H-O foods from Daisen

[Academic presentation] Detection of freezing foods by non-contact capacitive sensor using the difference in the induction rate of water and ice
Mr. Hideki Yamamoto, National Institute of Technology, Yonago College

Certified HYO-ON ® foods on display

What is H-O Food?

H-O foods are high-quality foods that are stored and processed in the unfrozen temperature range (H-O range) from 0 ° C to the freezing point, and have a clear quality difference from conventional products. Many food companies have succeeded in branding and differentiating food products such as H-O stored foods, H-O aged foods, H-O dried foods, H-O fermented foods, and H-O concentrated foods.